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CNZS Bulletin of New Zealand Studies

1. Views from the Edge of the World: New Zealand Film

2. Cultural Questions: New Zealand Identity in a Transnational Age

3. Projecting a Nation: New Zealand Film and its Reception in Germany

4. Cinema Journeys of the Man Alone: The New Zealand and American Films of Geoff Murphy

5. A Cultural Assault: The New Zealand Films of Peter Jackson

6. New Zealand - A Pastoral Paradise?

7. New Zealand Fictions: Literature and Film

8. An Ambivalent Archetype: Masculinity, Performance and the New Zealand Films of Bruno Lawrence

9. On Reflection: New Zealand Film Reviews from North and South, 1986-1993

10. New Zealand and Australia: Narrative, History, Representation

11. Isola Bella

12. A Literary Modernist: Katherine Mansfield and the Art of the Short Story

13. Small Nations, Big Neighbours: New Zealand & Canada

14. New Zealand, France, and the Pacific

15. New Zealand Filmmakers in Conversation

16. Studies in New Zealand Cinema


Small Nations, Big Neighbours: New Zealand & Canada

Ian Conrich
Dominic Alessio
Itesh Sachdev

Price - £14
ISBN: 978 0 9557564 4 3
Publication forthcoming

This collection brings together a range of exciting discussions from key writers working within New Zealand and Canadian Studies. These articles have been developed from papers given at the NZSA/BACS conference, Small Nations, Big Neighbours: New Zealand and Canada. Contributors include Maureen Baker, Hilary Bracefield, Richard Corballis, Pascale de Souza, Martin Howard, Ged Martin, Francine McKenzie, and David Newman.
Further information available soon.

The front cover illustration for this book is one of many striking examples of the work of artist Alexis Neal.