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CNZS Bulletin of New Zealand Studies

1. Views from the Edge of the World: New Zealand Film

2. Cultural Questions: New Zealand Identity in a Transnational Age

3. Projecting a Nation: New Zealand Film and its Reception in Germany

4. Cinema Journeys of the Man Alone: The New Zealand and American Films of Geoff Murphy

5. A Cultural Assault: The New Zealand Films of Peter Jackson

6. New Zealand - A Pastoral Paradise?

7. New Zealand Fictions: Literature and Film

8. An Ambivalent Archetype: Masculinity, Performance and the New Zealand Films of Bruno Lawrence

9. On Reflection: New Zealand Film Reviews from North and South, 1986-1993

10. New Zealand and Australia: Narrative, History, Representation

11. Isola Bella

12. A Literary Modernist: Katherine Mansfield and the Art of the Short Story

13. Small Nations, Big Neighbours: New Zealand & Canada

14. New Zealand, France, and the Pacific

15. New Zealand Filmmakers in Conversation

16. Studies in New Zealand Cinema

Views From the Edge of the World: New Zealand Film

Views from the Edge of the World:
New Zealand Film

Ian Conrich
Sarah Davy

Out of Print
17 pages
ISBN: 0 9530177 0 2
Published - 1997

"An invaluable first reference point for study of this under-examined cinema. This book draws together diffuse references and readings into a single volume and provides a reliable and suggestive basis for future research in the field"
(Ian Craven, University of Glasgow)

"As an introductory overview the booklet is comprehensive"
(Chris Watson, New Zealand Journal of Media Studies)

In recent years New Zealand has become a more visible national cinema. A significant number of films have gained international exposure, however these are small in comparison to the wealth of productions which constitute the country's total output. The growth in literature examining New Zealand film is an indication that it is now being taken seriously, but with a cultural heritage that is still developing more discussion is required. As a country on the edge of the world, New Zealand is on cinema's map the territory that has been only partially charted.

The early film history of New Zealand, as evidenced by its rich and varied surviving cinematic heritage, is unique and distinctive. It is a history of ingenuous, resourceful and determined filmmakers who achieved much, despite very limited technical and financial resources. The majority of New Zealand films have been produced since the establishment of the New Zealand Film Commission, in 1978. A New Wave of filmmakers emerged then and key industry figures such as directors Geoff Murphy, and Roger Donaldson (and later Lee Tamahori), left for Hollywood after making a small but successful number of New Zealand films.

In its breadth this book considers productions from these 100 years and discusses New Zealand cinema from 1896 to 1996. The first publication in the Kakapo series Studies in New Zealand Culture this book establishes an introduction to the key issues concerning a vibrant national cinema. The authors had taught in 1995, at the British Film Institute, the first course in Britain on New Zealand Cinema, and the ideas contained in this book were discussed and developed during that twelve week programme. The book is divided into seven sections - A History, Post 1977 Film - The New Wave, Open Spaces and the Road Movie, Women and Film, Indigenous Cinema, Fantasy and Kiwi Gothic, and Recent Developments and the Talent Drain. A detailed bibliography of books on New Zealand cinema, related books on social history and culture, and a compilation of recommended journal articles is included. Also included is a comprehensive guide to all pre-1997 New Zealand feature films.